How much will I get for my coins?

The home page gives you an accurate quote based on the price of your coins at that time.
As soon as your coins are received we will contact you with an EXACT sale price which will be based on the same algorithm as the valuation on the home page. You can check your coins price at any time by using this valuation box. As soon as your coins are received your valuation will be based on the same valuation box.
Usually coins are received very shortly after being sent, so your final price will usually be a little less or a little more than given in the quotation box but it depends on market fluctuations.

How fast will I get my money?

UK - Same Day *
EU - Next Day *
Non EU - 1-2 Business Days *
*Based on coins being received during UK business hours 9am – 5pm

How does it work?

The process is very easy:

  1. Use our Free Valuation box to give you a realistic idea of your coins valuation
  2. Send your coins to the wallet address provided
  3. As soon as we see your coins starting to arrive (usually just a few minutes) we will contact you by phone or email to give you an exact valuation (Usually very similar to your original quotation)
  4. If you are then happy to proceed with the sale, we send immediate payment to your bank account details provided
  5. If you have changed your mind, no problem, we will just send your coins back

If we receive your coins outside of business hours then your order may not be completed until the next business day. But we will always contact you to agree a price BEFORE we sell your coins!

What are your business opening hours?

Typically our business hours are:
Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm (UK Time)
Although we will try to accommodate customer orders on weekends and outside of business hours where possible.

Who pays the Mining Fees?

Customers may experience mining fees when sending us coins, we can only reasonably be expected to give you a quote based on the coins we actually receive. If you send us your coins but then change your mind and request your coins back, we do not charge for this but we may have to pay a small mining fee to send the coins back to you, usually less than £5.

Are there any limits to the amount of coins we can cash out with you?

Yes, as responsible brokers we may be required to do checks on customers who exceed certain thresholds. We will contact you should we require any further information.



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